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Chung Yufengs neue CD PENDULUM Drucken

Chung Yufengs neue CD PENDULUM
im Juni 2018 in Taiwan erschienen!

Die wunderbare Pipa-Spielerin Yufeng aus Taipeh, die bei meinem 6.Weltklang-Festival in 2017 das Publikum begeisterte, hat eine CD in Kooperation mit indischen, ungarischen, schwedischen, indonesischen und deutschen Künstlern herausgebracht. Aufgenommen wurde die Musik an verschiedenen Orten dieser Welt (unter anderem auch im Freyraum-Studio auf dem Apfelhof).

Die Plattenfirma trees music&art schreibt zu diesem Album:

Trees Music & Art (Taipei, Taiwan) is pleased to announce the release of the album "Pendulum" by pipa player and composer Chung Yufeng. This long-anticipated collection of 12 original songs marks the latest milestone in Ms. Chung's ongoing quest to create new artistic possibilities for the pipa, the four-string lute used in traditional Chinese music. As the participating artists were spread across the globe, the recording and production was done over a number of years in different countries.

Chung first traveled to Indonesia in 2013 where she recorded with the Indonesian folk-fusion ensemble Sambasunda. In 2015 she went to Germany for sessions with pianist and composer Matthias Frey, violinist Zoltán Lantos of Hungary and percussionist Ramesh Shotham of India.

Later that same year, Chung took advantage of a Taiwan visit by Swedish folk musicians Daniel Fredriksson and Daniel Pettersson to finish the project.

"Mich freut es sehr ein Teil dieser ungewöhnlichen Musikproduktion zu sein!" (m.f.)